1. Split an effect into basic parts When adding to another effect, don’t attempt to consider its general look. Split it into less difficult parts, for example, big shapes and small details. Step by step, try to accomplish the desired result in every part.

2. Variations Observe the world, and you’ll find that there is no such thing as totally random variation. Something will dependably start things out for the eyes, and after that something else will dependably come next. This can be connected to each part of 3D craftsmanship, from modelling and texturing to liveliness of animation forces.

3. Abstain from using high-poly objects inside of recreations, Make low-polygons duplicates wherever conceivable, then link or skinwrap them to the firsts. Once in a while it’s important to heat whole particle movements with simple boxes, then supplant those with the craved high-poly animated objects.

4. See your directions To better see a quick moving particles’s direction, bring forth new particles with 0% Inherited Speed and Divergence.

5. Change your sources To better comprehend and control FumeFX burning components, attempt to have different hotspots for the Fuel, Temperature and Smoke channels. You can even make a particle source only to push Velocity to allow you to sculpt fire or an explosion in a desired way.

6. Hair and Fur There is a truly intense and valuable modifier that you can use in 3ds Max, which let us create very realistic fur for our scenes.. By utilizing the Styling tool, you can alter the hairs precisely as you’d like them. This means you can characterize the hairs to suit your scene, whether that implies thin or truly thick hairs.


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