While a considerable measure of business is directed today over the Internet and the phone, clients often want to meet you personally, just to make certain you’re the sort of individual who can be trusted to deliver what you promise.
So below are the eternal DO’s and DON’Ts of these face-to-face meeting

1. Be Early

Being early shows you care and you’re dedicated. Arriving late tells customers that you don’t give a damn about them. Always arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

2. Be Clean & Well Dressed

This one is straight forward. Being properly dressed is incredibly important for client meetings. Your dress isn’t going to make you a better consultant, however dressing poorly can debase the picture you depict and the brand you are attempting to maintain.

3. Know the Agenda

Create a one-page agenda showing three to five items or questions you’d like to discuss. An agenda comforts clients in light of the fact that it sets a characteristic time limit on the meeting. When you have the agenda set, review it so you recognize what will be covered. Spend the time to prepare your work and practice your presentation so you are ready to come into the meeting at full steam.

4. Don’t be too business-like

While a little pre-meeting babble is socially important, don’t let the client be the person who takes the discussion back to business.

5. Don’t be too friendly

Rather than pretending to be a long-lost friend, be authentic about who you are and approach the customer with a sense of curiosity.

6. Be Present

Being present in a meeting means your are engaged. You can utilize your non-verbal communication and verbal correspondence to partake where you can. Take notes, yet make an effort not to connect with your tablet or phone too often. Use eye contact, gesturing, and verbal cues to ensure engagement is being noticed.

7. Don’t fail to follow-up

Keep notes of the commitments you made and schedule the follow-ups in your calendar immediately after the meeting.


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